At this point, we attach importance to planning and orientation of the processes involved in the flow of goods and services from manufacturer to user in a way that is most accurate, best quality and minimally reflected in production costs.

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • International trade
  • Distribution Services
  • Stock Management
  • Insurance Services
  • Customs Clearance Services
  • Packing-Handling-Labelling
  • Consultancy services
Dota Logistics provides service from door to door in LCL and FCL operations all over the world. Our operations include partial and complete shiploads for bulk cargo, project loads, vehicle and equipment transportation.

Thanks to our agreements with the leading airlines of the world, we offer a flawless and fast airline transportation service. Customized solutions are developed in order to provide the most ideal cost and service in accordance with the needs of customers.

Rail transport operations are advantageous because they include lower operating costs than other logistics operations. The railroad option we share with our customers, especially in the case of large volumes and large-scale operations, is implemented as an environmentally friendly and alternative solution in high-assembled projects.
Fair transportation, which is one of the most complex of logistics operations, requires expertise and experience. These types of operations involve many methods and processes. Our experienced Fair Logistics department offers the most excellent service with many reputable organizations that we have agreed on in the world. Our team, which is in communication with our customers, propose the most effective and efficient forms of transport in operation destinations and to complete the necessary paperwork operations on time.
Acting as a solution partner in projects that require logistics operations is a process that requires responsibility. These are excluded from routine logistics activities. Therefore, each project requires a customized solution and information flow in its own way.
Classification of Loads
We classify the cargoes you entrusted to us in accordance with the following information
and we take them wherever you want with minimum error and maximum efficiency.
Full Load: Bir müşteriye ait olan ve tüm aracı doldurabilecek yükler.

Partial Load: A truck is loaded by various companies, smaller volumes belonging to different companies.
Schedule and Contractual Loads: There are 3 months, 6 months or 1 year contracts between the carrier and the customer. This agreement determines the amount of payload and freight price of the customer during weekly or monthly periods. This price is not affected by economic fluctuations in the country, the price remains stable throughout the contract date.

Spot Loads: It is a one-time cargo that provides high price advantage to the carrier company, instantaneous loads. Carriers must balance spot and scheduled loads.